Choosing the right kind of license is one thing that is very important for you to know before you venture out to begin a business activity in the UAE. For doing professional activity there, you will need a professional license, for manufacturing activity, you will need an industrial license and so on.

Technical license is aimed at certain businesses that include flooring, tiling, carpentry, installation and maintenance and so on. Getting a technical license in UAE is pretty easy and not at all time-consuming. If you employ a professional, it will take much lesser time.

Activities under Technical Services:

  • Air conditioning, ventilation and air filtration service.
  • Carpentry and flooring service also is included in this category.
  • Concrete work and cementing.
  • Cleaning services in offices.

Besides above, electrical fitting, false ceiling service, floor and wall tiling service, installation and maintenance work, plaster and mason work, plumbing and sanitary, solar energy installation, etc.

Technical Services Contracting

Before you go in for deciding on doing a technical service business in UAE, you should contact a professional organization who will assist you in your application process. They will charge you professional fees for the job done on your behalf.

Steps in Getting a Technical License in the UAE

The first step is whether you want to operate from the free zone or mainland.

if you establish your business in the mainland, you can offer your service across the UAE and you can work for the government work also. If you work out of the free zone, you will be getting business support, financial incentives, tax exemptions and unrestricted currency exchange.

It all depends on the type of business you are in. you can take the assistance of professionals who can help you establish your business in UAE.

Next step: selecting the company name is the next step. The name thus selected should be chosen with care in terms of simplicity. Here too, the experts here will help you in choosing the name. You should avoid names that are controversial or that are against some organization.

Now, the license application: The next step is the application for a license. If it is for the mainland, you can apply directly to DED. If you are for a free zone setup, you can apply directly to the free zone. You can engage a company formation expert to help you in this process.                                

The following documents are needed while applying for a license:

  • Complete application form
  • Copy of the passport of the owner
  • Two photographs
  • NOC from the current employer
  • Memorandum of Association and notarization of MOA

So, if you are aware of all the rules and the application process for getting technical service license, it shouldn’t take much of your time. The process is not at all complex. But, you should have the prior knowledge and should take the help of a professional who will expedite the process for a fee. If your application process follows the steps and there are no errors, you will be getting your license without much hassle. You can take help GCC-Filings from a company formation specialist while establishing a new company.

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