UAE became a new participant in the world of Taxes quite recently. With the introduction of the

Excise Tax from the beginning of October 2017, its effect started to take place from the beginning of January of 2018. For carbonated drinks, the rate of the Excise tax is applicable for 50% and 100% of these energy drinks.

But, simultaneously, this VAT rate is applicable in the most minimal way possible. The industries in UAE are facing several issues while implementing this concept of the business stream. It is done to make sure that they comply with VAT. With the adoption of the new VAT concept, tax professionals provide support to some specific businesses.

How UAE Organizations help the VAT Consultant Services?

Several organizations offer qualified Chartered Accountants with great professional experiences that result in diversification of industries from various countries. With a vast international experience, these organizations efficiently manage clients regarding their VAT transactions by following the VAT laws and suggestions on sales. These TAX experts in the UAE make sure that your businesses suffer no overpayments and you give the necessary Input Credit on time.

These companies also provide clients with a diverse range of tax-services in the UAE. It is under the business needs of the clients. In this country, VAT experts offer the best suggestions regarding this matter. In compliance with the regulations and rules, the clients too are maintaining the international experience regarding taxation.

What Do These VAT Consultants In UAE Provide?

There are several provisions that you can expect from the UAE VAT consultants. They are precise, timely and cost-effective. The advisory experts from the VAT experts would resolve any queries or issues that you or your company may face while conducting your business.

The impact analysis of VAT constitutes majorly of formulation and preparation of solutions and recommendations for their clients. These consultant services always hold meetings and decisions with their clients before coming to a conclusive decision. If you are unable to clarify your queries regarding this matter in person, you can also email or call our support services. VAT

The Services of VAT consultants in UAE at a Glance

With the help of VAT consultants, you can extend your organization’s financial potential. Any the same time, you can achieve timely and systematic reports along with VAT return filing for your company. So, let’s cast a brief glance about the various services provided by the VAT consultants.

The VAT Consultants would assist you with the VAT Registration Process

Here is the list of services provided by the VAT Consultants in the UAE.

  • Individual as well as group registrations
  • The application of VAT registration which are based on VAT regulations and laws
  • They also ensure the provision of correct and specific documents so that there are no underlying problems during the filling process
  • They also provide active guidance for VAT registration on time to ensure that you avoid penalties

The VAT Consultants would you with Advisory Services

  • One of the highlighting traits of these VAT consultants is that they would provide you with advisory services. Note that they usually provide these services in adherence to VAT regulations and laws prevalent in the UAE
  • They can assess the impact of VAT on your business and would provide you with pro-active solutions so that your business interests stay undeterred
  • These VAT consultants would provide you with detailed case studies to facilitate effective and firm advisory services
  • They would assist you in establishing the system for proper VAT charging as needed by the VAT regulations

Their innovative tax agent services

Here is the list of tax agent services provided by these consultants.

  • The tax agent services would represent the company before the Federal Tax Authority
  • They would attend the tax audit sessions on the behalf of your company
  • These consultants would assist your company in the maintenance of VAT related records which is needed by the authority under the VAT regulations
  • They would prepare and file the monthly and quarterly VAT return
  • They would also follow up for issues related with tax and refund. They would also help your company with support, consulting and VAT implementation

Their accounting and book-keeping services

Here is the list of accounting and book-keeping services provided by these consultants.

  • They would maintain books of accounts, monthly or weekly financial reporting
  • They would implement proper system of records as well as book keeping
  • They would ensure that there are monthly closure of books of accounts
  • They would help your organization with monthly payroll assistance services
  • They would also review the outsourced accounting review services

Consultants in this country also visit the client office to fix tax-related problems personally. These VAT agencies handle industry-specific issues with necessary guidance for complying with the VAT law of the UAE. Concerning Customs, Advisory Services would get a clearance along with designated zone related troubles.

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