VAT and E-commerce in UAE and KSA

E-commerce plays a vital role in the business of both legal experts’ practicing and companies the world around. The VAT, acronym for Value-Added Tax, in UAE and KSA makes the complexities that all stakeholders should be careful of. This article […]

Detailed Tax Invoice in UAE

The Federal Tax Authority of the UAE government has imposed VAT on various good and services for which the companies or the tradesmen have to register themselves on grounds of their income. The VAT is simply the indirect tax that […]

How Get Free VAT Consultation

VAT or Value Added Tax is a fee that is imposed on the imported taxable business owners. Also, regarding every stage of distribution and production, Deemed Supply seems to be a significant part. In some countries, it is also called […]

How VAT Impact the Service Sector in UAE

The emergence of value added tax has impacted different products and services differently. There are different categories of products and services that have been chosen by the government but now all the services shall be categorized under the VAT purview […]

Impact of VAT on You in UAE

As we have entered January, the first month of the new VAT regulations in the UAE, business owners around the popular place Emirates are bracing themselves for a massive opportunity this time. UAE has nowadays operated one of the very […]