Abu Dhabi is one of the Emirates of UAE and it is also the capital of the country located on the Arabian Peninsula at the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi happens to be the most populated emirate. Though Abu Dhabi happens to be one of the richest oil-producing cities of the world and it is also one of the richest, it has expanded its business and trade activities beyond oil and natural gas. You can find real estate business going on in full potential. The city is also investing in industries, retail and tourism sector. It is one of the quickest growing market economies of the world. For a person, who wants to start a business in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi is an ideal destination. The rules of starting and running a business here are quite simple and affordable. There is a lot of flexibility in obtaining business and trade license and in forming a company. Any citizen of any country of the world can set up a prosperous business here. 


After you begin a business in Abu Dhabi after obtaining the necessary license and permission, you are likely to face a series of financial issues. These are caused by economic and industry-related reasons, so it is very important to be able to forecast future liquidity requirements and an above par cash flow planning. You need an accurate financial forecasting model that is so imperative in the environment of cutthroat competition and the advent of ground-breaking technology that is disruptive in nature. You cannot operate any business without enough liquidity. 


Companies often face a precipitous decline in productivity and profitability resulting in dwindling revenue and pressure in liquidity. You need a way to forecast unforeseen situations and problems that may arise in future. The management of a company should be able to foresee the future scenario in the financial front including cash inflow and outflow analysis. 


Opportunities and Threats


If you have a business running in Abu Dhabi, you must understand the key business drivers that keep the wheels of business running. You should be able to assess the impact of impending changes in circumstances that might be on the way. Some business changes are inevitable. These are business restructuring, insolvency problems and the issues related to turnaround. It takes a lot of experience and skill to accurately project the effect of these changes on the profitability or at times the very survival of a business. The challenges are many. There may be a dearth of manpower. When it is time to project strategic solutions for running the business smoothly, you might face resource constraints. Despite due diligence by the team of management, it is often impossible to undertake new projects for the sake of expansion. Sometimes, a model that can forecast precisely liquidity and performance is not available. When the company is facing financial distress, the desired liquidity and operational performance may not exist. 


Overall Efficiency


Another point of concern is timely execution and overall efficiency. When a company is under financial stress, efficient execution of the operation in a timely fashion may not be easy. That is why the companies that are undergoing financial distress must be able to analyze the financial history of the firm and understand the key drivers of a business. They should develop a flexible model for finances that can cope up with the changes. When liquidity is under stress, it becomes essential that they should have cash flow projections and they should monitor it closely.


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