Setting up a business, large or small, requires a lot of inputs and in-depth knowledge about the market, products, and the required policies associated with the country. That means, in case you want to set your business in a country, you need to know the intricate details of the policies and rules and the regulations of the same. In case you are planning to do the same in UAE, you need to get a TRN as soon as possible. Not only that, once you receive the number, but you should also know the exact procedure as to how to check the validity of this number from time to time. So, here is an expert guide that sheds considerable light on the steps involved to check the validity of TRN in UAE.

About Tax Registration Number (TRN)

Before we dive into the details about how to check the validity of TRN, let us take a quick look at what exactly TRN is. TRN is an acronym used for Tax Registration Number which happens to be a unique combination of numbers issued by the respective Federal Tax Authority in UAE. It is published for each person or the business which has been registered for different tax purposes. Also, the objectives of such number are for identification, record-keeping agreement and reporting compliances. The tax registration number also happens to be popularly known as the value-added tax identification number or in short VAT in several other countries.

In the case of the United Arab Emirates, a TRN is a 15-digit number which happens to start with 100 on a general basis. This number would help the authorities to differentiate one business or the identification of the person from another. The person to whom the number has been issued is termed as a “Registrant” who always needs to mention the number in their different documents like tax credit note, File VAT returns, tax invoices, etc.

Steps to check the validity of the Tax Registration Number in UAE

In case you want to issue a TRN for your business by the government of UAE, you also need to know how to check the validity of the same using the digital platform. Here is a guide about the same for reference:

  1. Check website

The first thing to do here would be to login to the portal created by the Federal Tax Authority of UAE. This portal is the platform through which you can access all your information and check the validity of TRN without any hassles. To proceed, make sure to log in to the FTA e-services using your proper credentials.

  1. TRN Verification tab

After completion of the first step, look for the TRN Verification tab on the right side of the website. Click on the tab, and you will be prompted with the next command.

  1. TRN Number

The next thing you need to do is enter the respective tax registration number as asked by the website. You will get a search button right next to the box where you have entered the TRN number. Proceed to click on the search button to check the validity of the number.

  1. CAPTCHA Code

You might also be asked to enter a CAPTCHA code on the site following which the search can be completed. Such a code helps to prevent the bots from automatically submitting any forms with unwanted content or SPAM. Hence, make sure to enter the code accurately and proceed with the next instruction.

  1. Validity of TRN

If your TRN is valid, then following the search the name of your company would be displayed on the screen. However, if it is not valid, then you might receive the message stating that it is not present in the system.

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