VAT or Value Added Tax Registration in UAE or TIN Registration is a tax registration required for businesses trading or manufacturing goods in India. VAT Registration replaced the Sales Tax in India and is tantamount with CST Registration and TIN Registration. VAT is mainly considered as the multi-stage tax with the provision to allow ‘Input tax credit (ITC)’ on tax at an earlier stage and it can be appropriated against the VAT liability on subsequent sale.

So, VAT is eventually borne by the consumer. VAT is governed and collected by the State Government, so each State Government in India has distinct rules appropriate for their State based on the type of good manufactured or sold. VAT Registration in UAE is compulsory in most of the states for traders or manufacturers having a turnover of more than Rs.5 lakhs per year (Rs.10 lakhs in some states).

Knowing about the VAT Returns Due Date

Those entities have VAT or TIN Registration should then file VAT returns on time to evade penalty. VAT is applied by the State Governments. Henceforth, the VAT return due date and VAT payment due date actually varies from state to state. VAT returns are mostly due monthly, annually or quarterly. IndiaFilings can assist you to file the e-file your VAT returns online. There are lots of VAT experts who can assist you in computing your VAT payments and e file the VAT return and keep you in compliance with VAT regulations.

VAT Due Dates

VAT payments should be simply deposited in the designated banks quarterly in case of the Proprietary organizations, partnership firms or LLPs and monthly in the case of some other kind of business entities like Companies. VAT Returns must be filed monthly on the 20th.

The departments offer the advantage to each and every dealer who is actually paying the MVAT on or before the due date of a payment. In fact, the dealer who is paying MVAT on or before the due date of payment is simply delivered additional 10 days for e-filing the MVAT return.

Except for the month of March, in the month of March due date of return filing is absolutely dissimilar for a due date of payment for non-audit dealer. For each and every Non Audit dealer if payment not made on the due date interest will be charged, Penalty for return filing will not just levied till 30th June. For e.g. the due date of filing return is 21st April can e-file their return up to 30th April if the dealer pay the MVAT on or before the 21st April. In fact, you can also ask to an expert regarding that so that you will get the clarification on the due date of VAT.

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