Whenever a business is being incorporated, the brand name is of paramount importance. This is a vital decision since the name should not just offer a glimpse into the product/service being sold but should also be flexible to be used post the attainment of higher success by any company. GCC Filings is your best bet in the UAE when it comes to brand names, company incorporation, VAT registration and all other necessary processes.

Types of Brand Names

  • Generic Names- Simple and easy names which may be almost identical to the product/service being sold.
  • Descriptive Names- These are tough to trademark since they have adjectives that may be confusing.
  • Suggestive Names- These offer hints/clues about the business and its quality. Trademark security is better in these cases and the names often have ample market longevity.
  • Coined Name- These words are unique and easier to trademark. However, they are often difficult to understand since they are unique words.
  • Arbitrary Name- These names are trademarked easily since they are used in different ways than usually perceived.

Selecting the Right Brand Name

Selecting a suitable brand name for your business can be a tough ask since the company will be identified with this particular name. Here are some tips to go about it:

  • Work out core philosophies of the business- Work out your vision and mission, helping in zeroing on the key aspect that you wish to highlight and differentiate from competitors.
  • Market research- Research the market, searching for trademarks and names which are preferred more by customers along with filtering available options.
  • Discuss and debate- Brainstorming on names will help you jot down some good ones on paper and then you can assess the viability of the same.
  • Choose from multiple options- You can start choosing from multiple alternative options with regard to brand names post checking for availability and viability.
  • Final choice- You will then have to shorten the list of possible brand names and filter out the remainder in order to make the final choice. The end result should be a brand name that suitably represents your organization and future vision along with being indicative of the niche/segment that you operate in.

Post taking this final decision, you have to create the logos and symbols accordingly along with taking care of packaging and the trademark. The brand name has to be suitably leveraged in these cases with an innovative and creative approach.

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