The Criteria for Tax Return

In the case of foreign business a one can claim for the input of the tax. In order to do that you need to fulfill the following criteria.

  • An input tax is not considered as the refundable tax in UAE under the scheme. For example, vehicles, entertainment tax, other personal use things are non-refundable
  • According to the law of the scheme the candidate needs to have a connection with the tour operator for filing the tax return
  • In the case of a foreign business that is already performing taxable supply, is not eligible to apply for the tax return
  • The people associated with the foreign business that is related to exportation from other country cannot apply for tax return
  • In order to apply for the VAT refund, the business should not have any specific establishment
  • The businesses need to follow the jurisdiction of UAE to apply for the tax return

Steps to Refund the VAT

  • In order to apply for the VAT refund, you need to go to the official portal of Federal Tax Authority
  • After that you need to sign-up to the portal
  • You need to add all the company details at the time of registration
  • You need to send all the documents to the authority
  • The form will be evaluated in four months
  • After the approval of the request the refund process will be proceeded

What the important documents?

In order to apply for the VAT refund, you need to submit some important documents to the Federal Tax Authority

  • The documents for registration under UAE
  • Proof of establishment of the business in UAE
  • You need to provide all your bank account details
  • After that you need to give a copy of passport picture and your digital signature
  • You need to submit the tax invoice and documents of tax payment

Other mandatory requirements

Apart from the above-mentioned documents, you need to provide some more mandatory documents like, invoice data that consists of the date of the issue, invoice number that is unique for different business, invoice item that has information about the supply, TRN that I the tax registration number, and lastly the name of the supplier.

The guidelines that you need to follow

You need to follow the guideline to get your VAT return. The guidelines are given below-

  • You need to submit all the documents that are original and you need to submit hard copy of the documents along with the soft copies
  • In the case of hard copies, you need to submit hard copies of invoice, and other essential documents to the Federal Tax Authority within one month of your application
  • While providing the hard copies you need to give the printed form of the VAT refund request
  • In the case of the companies with several branches, the individual branch will get the tax refund

So, it is clear that you need to do all the above-mentioned things to get the tax refund. You need to take advice from professionals and GCC Filings is the best option in this regard. Get all assistance regarding VAT, returns, registration and more.

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