The economy in the UAE has been booming continually across multiple domains and segments. Child care has turned into a major requirement throughout the UAE and the Government has also been coming out with multiple reforms in this regard. The Dubai Women Establishment and child-care initiative has a primary objective, namely enabling women to enhance their abilities in specific fields and also to eventually gravitate towards leadership positions. A favorable environment will also be created for mothers.

For starting your business in the UAE, you can consult GCC Filings and the company will help you with all necessary services including company incorporation, VAT registration, return filling, accounting, auditing and a lot more. You should always keep the following things in mind when considering a child care center in UAE:

  • Building & Equipment
  • Administration
  • Safety Measures
  • Organization
  • Transparent relationships with parents

Steps for Set up a Child Care Center in UAE

Here are the key steps towards establishing a child care center in UAE:

Create your business plan

You should first have a well thought-out business plan backed by market research and understanding of your target audience.

Get your business license

Obtain your business license for starting your child care center in the UAE. There are several kinds of licenses issued in the UAE. The Emirati Government will be issuing a separate license for child care centers as separate business entities. The policies and all other processes should adhere to guidelines issued by the Public Health Department, Directorate of Civil Defence and Municipality.

Select a suitable location

You should always look to choose a suitable location which helps you cater to your target market. There are several choices in the UAE, namely free zone, mainland and offshore among others.

Take care of staffing procedures

You should hire suitable employees who will understand the business type and its intrinsic needs.

Buy equipment

Always purchase necessary equipment and infrastructure for children to learn and grow suitably.

Child care manuals

Make sure that you draft a manual for child care which will help parents get an overall picture of your activities, goals and aspects like the Childcare Programme being followed, general objectives, staff records, learning activities, center information, safety and security measures undertaken and application forms including necessary details regarding the parents and their children. You should also look at other aspects like application and employment contracts, nutrition, daily staff register and children’s attendance register.

Health measures

Make sure you have requisite nutrition and health measures in place for children.

Planning activities

You should plan out activities carefully and provide blueprints of the same to parents in advance.


When starting your own childcare center, insure it against calamities like floods, fire, theft, accidents, etc. You should have risk based insurance packages along with third party liability insurance as well.

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