We all know how difficult it is to set up a business in any market. In the case of the UAE, one needs to abide by specific rules and regulations to carry out different business-related works successfully. In many instances, you might have come across situations where you need to pay the VAT for the imported goods without any registration. In such cases, do not panic or get confused by the entire procedure available by the Federal Tax Authority on their portal. Instead, the government takes special techniques to make the whole payment scenario user-friendly and accessible for all kinds of trade persons available in their country.

Steps for Pay VAT on Import by an Unregistered Person

In case of business, if your business is yet to be registered, then the VAT which requires to be paid on import will not be collected at the time of the return filling. In case of such situations, you need to pay off these taxes in a different manner. Actually, there are two kinds of methods available for paying the VAT on import by the unregistered person. However, the method primarily depends on the exact scenario of the import. The two ways available are:

  • Pay the VAT on import
  • Pay the VAT through e-guarantee

Let us take a close look at these scenarios and the methods used by the unregistered people to pay their VAT on import:

  • Login to the website

In any situation, the first thing you need to do is find the appropriate FTA e-services portal and login to the website. Select the VAT tab available on the site and proceed accordingly to make the payment.

  • Customs Declaration

Choose the Customs portal accordingly and submit the necessary paperwork to proceed with the customs declaration. You need to submit relevant details of all the goods that have been shipped into your country. Also, make sure to submit the customs declarations provided by the Customs for the processing purposes. Once the procedure is completed, and the declaration is approved, it moves to the status of ‘Pending tax payment’.

  • Anticipate the settlement

A professional from the Customs office needs to validate the details of the declaration and approve the same. The trader will receive the notification once the Customs official has approved the declaration. Remember that the Customs declaration will be sent to FTA by the respective Customs Authority. Also, note that you might not be able to make any changes once the statement has been submitted to the FTA.

  • Create your e-services account

The unregistered persons need to make e-services account on FTA portal for paying the VAT on import. You need to provide a valid email address along with a unique password for the account. Once done, you need to proceed to make the payment of the VAT to the authorities.

  • Complete the payments

The final step is here where the unregistered people need to login to their FTA portal accounts and pay the corresponding amount for the VAT due on the import. The amount would be inclusive of the total import VAT on the value of the good with the excise and the customs duty. You can pay the VAT through the e-Dirham gateway.

Once the payment is successful, you will receive an email notification about the payment. Also, a notification about the payment confirmation will appear on the screen as well. In case you are confused about the entire process; you can check out the VAT Filings services in UAE of a company named GCC Filings. It is a reputed organization that can help you with such fillings along with other accounting and registration services. This company has excellent customer services for helping you out with their services in the market. Check out their website to know more about their services along with the respective prices of the packages for reference.

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