Tax voice is considered as one of the most vital testimonies that are to be promulgated through a registrant when a payable/taxable supply of some materials is manufactured. The VAT in UAE states that it is essential that all registrants must generate a TAX Invoice for taxable contributions to other registrants, where the amount for supplies crosses the threshold limit of AED 10,000.

 The two conditions which are important in generating a Tax Invoice are: 

  • The beneficiary ought to be registered.
  • It is to be remembered that the supplies should cross AED 10,000.

Nearly all forms of businesses have to deal with supplies for which a circumstantial TAX invoice is to be presented. All the invoices which are presented under the VAT administration must meet the requirements of VAT Law. If it’s seen that the presented tax invoice doesn’t contain vital pieces of information, then it can lead to administrative forfeiture. Thus, it is better to take the help of specific software that selects the required information in a Tax Invoice. It will also help in notifying the details required in presenting a Tax Invoice. It will keep track of all the important elements that are essential for a Tax Invoice. This will help in issuing Tax Invoices perfectly by the suppliers. On the ground of a proper Tax Invoice, the beneficiaries may claim an input tax deduction on the amount. Hence, any kind of business must look into the matter of Tax invoice and must present it correctly.

 There are two forms of invoices for VAT in UAE: –

  1. Abridged VAT Invoice: Those producing less than a designated amount will have to produce an abridged VAT Invoice especially for supermarkets & retail industry. All forms of businesses excluding retail trades & supermarket.
  2. Detailed VAT Invoice: For the ones who supply more than the specified amounts have to produce a detailed VAT Invoice.

VAT Invoice for supply less than the specified amount ought to have:-

  • Tax Invoice Number
  • Name, address & TRN of the supplier
  • Issuing Date
  • Descriptions of goods /services
  • Total amount to be paid and total VAT to be charged

VAT Invoice for supply more than the specified amount should have:

  • Name, address & TRN of the supplier.
  • Issuing Date
  • A subsequent or distinctive number.
  • Date of supply if it’s different from the issuing date.
  • Illustration of goods or services.
  • Unit price, Quantity Supplied, Amount of Tax & Amount payable in AED.
  • The worth of any offered discount.
  • Overall Tax & Value payable in AED.
  • Declaration relating to overt charge, if applicable.

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