Even though Dubai is full of adventure and exclusiveness, it is an exorbitantly expensive city. Here healthcare and medications are very costly. It might be reasonable for the Emirates residing there, as they are exceptionally wealthy people. However, as we all know, Dubai hires foreigners to come and work for them. Mostly in the private hospitality and commercial zones, you will notice there are many people from different countries coming to work in Dubai to earn a living since Dubai has a well-defined economy.

People who are coming from abroad find it very difficult to treat themselves in case of illnesses as the medical costs are very high in private hospitals. Sometimes the company they are working covers the medical expenses but some people strive to get their treatment done. At such a scenario, if you are eager to know how to Medical Clinic Setup Dubai procedure & benefits, then it will be very relevant to carry on. The procedure is simple but cost-effective.

Complete all the Process on Medical Clinic Setup Dubai

  • Draft a business plan and structure of the medical clinic setup which you wish to establish.
  • Contact a consultancy that would guide you through the legal procedures to establish a medical clinic setup.
  • You have to fill in an application form stating your business purpose and idea to the department of infrastructural development in Dubai. Also, you have to address the Department of Healthcare of the Government to get sanctioned as a legal service provider.
  • To operate a medical clinic, you either have to be a doctor or hire some other doctors. It is necessary to align your medical experts beforehand so that the ministry could pass your agenda and sanction it.
  • You have to pick a spot to either book it at lease or sign a tenancy agreement. If you have the resources then you can even buy the plot to set up your medical clinic. Make sure it is a favourable location well connected through transport and hygienic.
  • You have to register yourself with proper documents that prove your identity and capability to run a medical clinic. To register your clinic you will also have to name your property and show authentic documents of the lease or tenancy agreement.
  • Also, you have to mention which segment of medicine you will be engaged with, for example, urology, gynaecology, dentistry, etc. Attested copies of verified documents stating your qualification and degrees are required. If there are other doctors, you will also have to provide their details.
  • After getting the plot and the approval with the professional license, you are all set to run your clinic.

Dubai, along with other emirates of the UAE, has set up free zones for establishing healthcare centers and clinics. The UAE Government is not just concerned with providing a healthy living to its people but also provide them with proper medicinal facilities at the best prices. Private hospitals and clinics might be expensive, however the Government’s proposed idea of designing a dedication zone called Dubai Healthcare City is much appreciated.

Not only are the Emirates eligible to set up medical clinics here but even foreign investors who are interested in setting up a business in these free zones in UAE are welcomed. Foreign investors will be given guaranteed ownership without having to pay any taxes or customs duty to the Government. Thus, there are ample benefits to trade in Dubai irrespective of the field you are pursuing.

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