If you want to fill up the VAT return form in UAE then you will have to do it online. You will have to go to the website of the Federal Tax Authority to file a VAT return. You will have to fill-up the form which is ‘VAT 201’. You will have to provide all the information like values of Sales, Output VAT, Input VAT, Purchase and many more. You will have to file the VAT online because the offline modes are currently not available.

Procedure for Filing VAT Returns in Dubai and UAE File Returns

When you open the portal of FTA (Federal Tax Authority) you will have to go through 7 sections there in order to complete the process.

Details of the Taxable Person

In the first section, the taxpayer will have to provide information like Tax-Registration Number and the name and also the address of the taxpayer. If your agent is paying the tax on your behalf then the details like Approval Number of the Tax-Agent, Number of the Tax-Agency, Name of the agency and the Name of the agent will have to be mentioned on the form of VAT return at the top.

Return Period of VAT

The next section is for the VAT return period where you will have to provide the details of the return period for VAT. There will be details such as Tax year-end, return period for VAT reference number and VAT return due date.

The VAT on Exchanges and other Productions

In this section, you will have to confirm the standard tax rates of the supplies which are taxable at the level of Emirates, supplies that are exempt, supplies having zero-rated and many other such details.

The VAT on Purchases and all other inputs

If you have paid a VAT of 5% for all the purchases you have made then in this section, you will have to mention all the details of those purchases of the products or services.

Payable VAT

If the value of the box Serial No. 12 is greater than the box Serial No 13 then the difference amount is the VAT which you are required to pay and if the box Serial No 13 is more than the box Serial No 12 then you will be able to request a return for the total value of the tax return.

Additional Information

This section is just for additional reporting and it doesn’t have any bearing on your return of VAT.


After filling up all the previous sections carefully, you will have to check and verify all the information you have given and then you will have to click on the box to finally submit the return form for VAT.

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