Dubai has been the hub of foreign tourists who are seeking for job in the city. Dubai is a city that offers you immense opportunity, a quality-life, great pay, and entertainment. The city has numerous thriving businesses. There are several foreign companies that have set up businesses in the city. This is the reason every year numerous job seekers come to the city for finding new job. In that case presence of recruitment agencies will help you to find a job. So it is evident that the recruitment agency can get a booming market.

How to Setup Recruitment Business in Dubai

In order to set up a recruitment agency in Dubai city you need to know how the agencies are run. There are two types of agencies- temporary recruitment agency, and brokerage agency. However, the recruitment agency and the brokerage agencies are almost same. The role of the agencies is to establish a relationship between companies and the employees. The agencies also help in negotiating the contract on the behalf of the employees. The negotiation is done on basis of the database; the database holds the information about the employees. The database will also talk about the qualification of the employees and their opportunities in the market.

In order to negotiate with the companies the database is collected accurately. The recruitment agencies send application to the companies.

How the Recruitment Agency Work in Dubai

  • The agencies collect the data about the employees
  • The agencies always keep the record available job in the market
  • The agencies also keep the track of the applications and they also provide the information to the employer while needed

In order to do all these tasks the agencies recruit full-time employees. They also employ temporary people during the time of pressure. The third party contract is for the short-term and this is the reason the employees are called temporary. However, the work and payment are as the company’s norms.

Criteria for Opening a Recruitment Agency in Dubai

There are some criteria to fulfill in order to open a recruitment agency in the market. An individual from different citizenship can open a recruitment agency. The criteria are stated below.

  • The individual who wants to open a recruitment agency needs to have clean criminal record
  • The company address has to be Dubai, the address needs to be registered under the authority of the city
  • The owner of the company needs to deposit the bank details so that earning license can become better
  • In the case of earning special license it will be given to one shareholder of a company
  • The company needs to employ a manager who has the registration under Ministry of Labor

Importance of License in Dubai

In order to establish a company in Dubai, you need license so that you can act the as middleman in the case of recruitment. With a license you can store data of employees in order to apply on their behalf. The validity of the recruitment license is one year but the license is renewable. In the mean time the agencies need to report the government about the latest update in the farm. A license will help to get the candidate to get good job in Dubai.

Steps for Get Recruitment Agency License in Dubai

  • In order to get a license you need to apply and fill up the application form
  • The application has to be done on the official website
  • While applying for license, the applicant needs to pay fees
  • The applicant needs to submit all the documents accurately to complete the application

GCC Filings will help you out with the complete procedures, documentation, VAT registration and almost everything else that you need for establishing your recruitment agency in Dubai.

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