Economic stability and steady growth are the two main deliverables on which a business or a company could flourish in the market. The main idea before setting up a business is to check whether your investment is feasible in the market and will generate enough surpluses to carry your trade forward.

However, it is not always possible to initiate a start-up and immediately flourish in the market but in the UAE you can set up an offshore company that will provide you with ample benefits within no time. It does not matter to which country you belong, you can always opt for trading offshore in the United Arab Emirates.

What is an Offshore Company?

Before going on to the Reasons Why You Should Setup Your Company in UAE Offshore, let us first understand what an offshore company in UAE implies. An offshore company is an establishment or organisation that is set up abroad or in a foreign land. This firm can be operated in that foreign land or country without having to be physically present in that country. You can be the sole proprietor or a shareholder in the company proposed. In Gulf Countries like the UAE, offshore business setups require just the registration to function and operate in the economy, thus, you can run a company without a business license.

What are the Reasons Why You Should Setup Your Company in UAE Offshore?

While planning your business setup, do consider the Reasons Why You Should Setup Your Company in UAE Offshore that is listed below:

  • UAE is the world’s most economically stable country offering a steady growth in businesses.
  • Advanced features in the banking system, the most up-to-date telecommunication services provide better opportunities to investors from foreign markets.
  • Having larger markets for trade and commerce, UAE enables investors from not just within the state or the country but also welcomes foreign investors from all over the world.
  • Foreign investors seeking offshore company setup are free from being bound to pay any sort of income, personal or corporate taxes to the Government.
  • Company holders are guaranteed to get foreign ownership of the offshore setup.
  • You can freely trade and work to earn the surpluses from the overseas market.
  • The capitals gained can be exchanged and converted to any currency of your choice or need.
  • You neither have to be a resident of UAE nor be physically present in the country to run the company.
  • You are eligible to open a corporate bank account for maintaining worldwide deposits.
  • When your business flourishes, you can seek proper authorisation from RAK Investment Authority in UAE and could also own a real estate property in the country.

What are some basic ideas for offshore company setup in UAE?

Following the Reasons Why You Should Setup Your Company in UAE Offshore, here are some ideas on the business activities and company setup which you could glace at.

  1. You can opt for opening a Consultancy or go for services like Tax consulting services and business advisory services in the offshore market.
  2. You could carry out general trades in the market.
  3. Try a hand at the real estate segment by owning a property.
  4. Work as commission agents or intermediary brokers.
  5. Buy, hold and sell stakes of various companies, etc.

For opening a company offshore, you can either contact the various agencies that help you to fill the application form and review your details and documents that are required for applying for an offshore business setup in UAE.

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