Many out there might initiate a start-up with the basic idea of running a small business. Some people might think a small business might not require registration of a trademark. However, note that it is not the correct way to carry out any business programme as a trademark establishes your identity and uniqueness of your product and services in the market.

Nowadays, the world has evolved and become pretty fast-forward by the help of the online medium. The Internet, to an extent, has eased most of our works and especially those works which required brokerages and agents can now be done easily by directly contacting online the authorities concerned, that too, without any additional brokerage charges.

Hiring a lawyer for legal procedures like trademark registration in UAE is often recommended but you can also do it online by visiting the official website of the government authorities handing over the trade license and trademark to you. However, let us now take a closer look at what does trademarks imply.

What is a Trademark?

Just like we all are recognized by our names, trademarks too, are identities which we give to our business setups. Any brand name, logo, slogan, design, etc. can cater to be a trademark for a company. The motif of trademarks is to distinguish a particular company from the rest in the market. For marketing and popularizing a product or service in the market, trademarks are very important since it is the medium by which a company could reserve a place in the memory of the end consumers or marketers.

Procedure for Trademark Registration for Small Business

In about 90 minutes, you can easily fill in the application for registering your business trademark but before that here are some of the necessary measures which you must keep in mind.

  • Before applying for registration make sure that the logo or symbol you pick as your trademark is unique and not similar to the brand name or symbol of any other company. If so, your application will be rejected and you have to redo the entire procedure for filling another application for the trademark. Therefore, thorough research and study must be done both online and offline before the registration.
  • When you are designing your logo or the trademark, try to bring out the creativity in you. You can also hire an expert or check out various designs online for inspiration. The more striking your trademark is, the more appealing it would be to the end consumers. However, do not go very intricate on the designs or names to make it unique. Try to keep it simple but striking so that it is attractive to the clients and customers.
  • Finally, when you are submitting the request for the trademark registration, carefully go through each of the details you have input and also check the documents which are required. Leave no stones unturned as any negligence could result in an utter mess in the entire procedure.

Thus, with a registered trademark, your small business could reach big heights as it helps to give your business set up an identity and popularize your brand name in the market, provided you offer good products and services that are pleasing to the consumers as well as marketers. Benefits like nationwide trademark protection, ownership of a particular trademark, legalization of your business setup as well as a mark of quality and trust are built among the buyers and consumers by the trademark, thus, registering a trademark is very necessary for context to any business setup in UAE you are planning to undertake. If you need help with trademark registration, VAT registration, return filing, company incorporation and more, GCC Filings is your best option by all means.

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