Every business in Dubai is required to get a trade license from the DED (Department of Economic Development) authority. It permits only those with general trading licenses in UAE for establishing businesses in the Emirate. There are certain business segments which require special permissions from various ministries as well.

Steps for Getting Trade License in Dubai

Trade licenses are usually divided into three categories, namely commercial licenses (trading activities), industrial licenses (manufacturing activities) and professional licenses (craftsmen, professionals, business consultants and tax advisors). Here are the key steps:

  • Choose your category of business, i.e. industrial, commercial or professional.
  • Choose business activities to be included in your licenses (10 maximum).
  • Select a suitable trading name for the business.
  • Fill up and submit the application form.
  • Obtain external approvals if needed, depending on the business type.
  • Get all documents including the MOA (Memorandum of Association) and other approved documents from Government authorities.
  • Choose business location and obtain tenancy contract.
  • Submit your application to DED for obtaining the final license.
  • Make the final payment for your license.

Steps for Renew your Trade License in Dubai

For renewing your trade license, you will need the below mentioned documents:

  • Typed BR/1 form
  • Photocopy of present business trade license
  • Ejari Registration Certificate and photocopy of Tenancy Contract
  • Photocopies of passport for all business partners.

Here are the key steps to be followed:

  • Get the tenancy contract of the firm with validity of 1 month as a minimum and this should be Ejari attested. If the contract does not have a month’s validity, then the associated license cannot be applied for renewal purposes.
  • Apply for renewing your license at the DED along with submitting all required documents as mentioned above. You can apply via e-Services or even authorized law firms, mobile applications and authorized service centers.
  • Payments- Post submission of the application, you will get a payment voucher from the DED. Post receipt of the same, make the payment and you will then get the renewed license.

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