GCC Filings is your best bet if you are looking to establish a recruitment agency in Dubai. The company will help you with company incorporation, registration, VAT registration, return filing, auditing, accounting and a lot more. Setting up a recruitment agency in Dubai is not a difficult task provided you abide by all rules and regulations.

Types of Licenses for Recruitment Agencies

  • Brokerage Licenses- These licenses are sanctioned for companies who are performing or finishing operations linked to employment relations or mediation between foreign and UAE nationals and foreign and UAE business entities. A brokerage license will enable the agency to process applications from both UAE and foreign nationals for employment, get requests from companies looking to hire employees from abroad or the UAE and also create databases of available opportunities, posting new ones regularly. They can maintain this database of potential employers and candidates as per their needs.
  • Temporary Recruitment Licenses- These are given to recruitment agencies who will have the full responsibility of short-listing, verifying, interviewing and placing employees for jobs across various employers. Employers may have needs of outsourcing the employees from outside the UAE and recruitment agencies can hire workers accordingly. They will also double up as sponsors for foreign employees in these cases.

Traditional recruitment agencies will be focusing on taking care of general skills that are needed by companies while leadership positions and high-end jobs will be covered by executive search agencies. There are large scale recruiters of labor along with temporary recruitment agencies, i.e. those that work as an employer for placement and hiring of candidates and also specialist recruitment agencies, i.e. those which offer experts in a specific field to employers.

Documents Required for Setup Recruitment Agency in Dubai

  • Passport copy of company shareholders
  • ID card copies of nationals
  • Family book copy of applicant
  • Statement of good conduct
  • Written statements of shareholders on the establishment of the company
  • Copy of trade name application with Trade Register
  • Blueprint of location of the employment/recruitment agency

Key Regulations to Remember

Dubai MR1283 has stringent regulations for safeguarding workers who are applying to recruitment or employment agencies for finding employment. Along with the guarantee that is deposited, these agencies have to deposit 2,000 Dirhams for each employee brought into Dubai. The laws on Licensing and Regulation of Private Employment Agencies will be covering the company obligations towards employees/workers. Recruitment agencies should have qualified personnel and managers. The Labor Ministry has placed a cap on fees payable to recruitment agencies in Dubai.

Employment/recruitment agencies should clearly list out terms and conditions of the contract and other company duties. Agencies should track their employees from the last 3 years as well. Expats may establish recruitment agencies in free zones across Dubai. They have to get Ministry approval for hiring foreign workers and employees should have no criminal records whatsoever. Licensing is allowed for Private Employment Agencies based on the 2011 Law or MR 1283, issued by the Ministry of Labor. This will enable foreign outsourcing companies to foray into Dubai as well and they majorly recruit expat professionals.

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