A well-groomed look and a presentable personality are so important in today’s modern society. There are many people, both men and women, who would go any length to get that ultimate look to impress others. This mindset has led to the rapid growth of salons and grooming centres in many countries.  Even though there has been the mushrooming of beauty salon or ladies salon in every city or town of nations around the world, the men are not to be left behind. There are many gents salon too as they too are conscious of their looks. There are investors today who have realized this increase in demand and have shown their interest in setting up a salon for gents and ladies.

If countries of the world are in the race to set up and support beauty salons, how can UAE be behind? The beauty industry in UAE is very much in the race to serve the rich and savvy those inhabit the city of the wealthy and stylish. Opening a beauty salon in Dubai is a great idea given the high standard of living and high disposable income of the citizens. People there value fashion in vogue and trendy looks. This makes the proposition of opening a beauty salon setup in Dubai a great idea. Even if you wish to have ladies salon setup in Dubai, it will be equally a great idea.

Steps for Setup a Beauty Salon in Dubai

In Dubai, there is a Department of Economic Development which is the regulatory body for any business in Dubai. You have to follow the following steps according to DED of Dubai:

To begin with, you have to submit the copies of passports of the investors. The agency will need copies of visa also. You have to decide on the name of the beauty salon and get it approved. You have to get the tenancy agreement signed and approved by the Department of Economic Development. There will be a Memorandum of Association signed by the concerned parties. There is a requirement of approval from the planning section of Dubai Municipality and also for getting approval from the health and safety division. This procedure is mandatory for a gents salon setup in Dubai also. The approval will take around 2 to 4 weeks.

Types of Beauty Salon License in Dubai

There are two types of beauty salon license in Dubai. They are Men’s salon license and women’s salon license. A ladies salon is licensed for hair care and beauty care. Haircare includes washing, trimming, colouring, straightening, and so on. The license may include makeup, skin treatment, cleansing, manicure, pedicure, and so on. A men’s salon license is given for hair-cut, trimming, facial, shaving, dyeing, cosmetic treatment, etc.

The planning department of Dubai Municipality will approve the location of the salon. You should abide by the rules about lighting inside the salon and also the size specification of the room.

The services offered by a salon are high on demand in Dubai. There is also a high demand for training on the services offered in a beauty salon. If you wish to establish a beauty salon for men and women in Dubai, you can think of opening a training centre for providing skills to candidates who aspire to be beauticians. Together, it will be the most sensible business decision.

If you need assistance about starting a salon business, there are professionals out there, who will help you sail through the legal paperwork and other requirements. All you need to do is arrange the finance for the business.

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