The UAE has its capital in Abu Dhabi but the most important city of the UAE, in terms of business and tourism, is Dubai.

There is no denying that Dubai is one of the most opulent cities in the world and so is its attraction to people who wish to make it very big in business. Dubai has got the distinction of being an internationally famed tourist destination. Millions of tourists from across the globe visit Dubai every year, and so, the tourism industry is bound to thrive in Dubai.

Travel Agency License in Dubai

There is a legal procedure for doing travel business in UAE. It’s a simple and easy process. You have to follow the steps to register your business here. It is vital that you know about the type of tourism business you’re going to do here. So, to setup a travel and tourism company in UAE is possible if you know the rules and you follow the mandatory steps.

The first step is to deposit the fees of 100, 000 dirhams with the Dubai Department of Tourism. You are required to submit some more documents with the fees. These are as follows:

  1. A form of application
  2. A certificate of experience
  3. Copies of passports of manager and applicant
  4. Certificate of conduct
  5. A family report and identification document for the residents of UAE
  6. A No Objection Certificate from the Civil Aviation Department

There are some other requirements too. The manager of the company should have experience of three years. After deposit of fees, there is the requirement of submitting the trade name of the agency. This name has to be approved. An insurance policy too has to be submitted along with the lease of contract. The contract shall have the validity for at least 3 months.

If you’re going to do this business, you have to have a website. Website will give you accessibility to customers and customers too will know you through your website. You can advertise your packages through your website.

You should have an idea of types of travel agency licenses in UAE.

There are three types of travel and tourism license in the UAE. You need to choose one among them. These types are as follows:

License for Inbound operator includes firms that organize local tours of the people coming from abroad. Here you will be handling visa, transport, checking residence, etc.

You can also get a license as an Outbound tour operator. Here, you will be organizing tourist visits to foreign lands.

As a travel agent, you are supposed to sell air tickets to individuals on behalf of authorized agents. Here the job is restricted to seat reservation, issue of tickets and hotel booking and car rental, etc.

After you have decided on the type of license you want, you should collect the documents for getting the license.

You have to fill in an application provided by the concerned authority. A copy of your passport if you are the applicant. A certificate of qualifications and work experience as certified by the manager. You should have a clean criminal record. A certificate of good conduct if you are employed by an organization. A NOC by the civil aviation authority is also required.

There are some special conditions that you need to fulfill. There must be an LLC where 49% of shares are owned by foreign citizen and 51% is owned by the local sponsor.

Now, you have to submit the application along with the documents. In the application form, you should fill in the name of the company to the DED counter. You should get the approval of this application from here. There will be a site inspection by the authorities. After the site inspection, the license will be issued if the inspection finds the location all right.

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