Thinking of starting a law firm in Dubai? There are a few processes that you must keep in mind.

Steps for Establish your Start a Law Firm in Dubai

Here are the basic steps that you need to take for setting up your law firm in Dubai:

  • Collaboration with local lawyer- The first step that you should take is to get a collaboration in place with a local lawyer. The key thing here is that the local lawyer will have a valid legal license which will hold gold in the first instance court (minimum).
  • License- You should get the license for your establishment from the Ministry of Justice for setting up your law firm, from where you will obtain your card and other necessary papers.
  • Submission- Documents that you get from the Ministry of Justice, as part of your license, will have to be submitted to the department of Economy.
  • Location- You should look for a location within the Free Zone since it will cost you less. The area of the establishment should be a minimum of 40 ft for commencement of operations.

Some Major Aspects for Setup Law Firm in Dubai

  • Professional Ethics- You should always adhere to the code of professional ethics and refrain from any deviant or criminal actions.
  • Charges- You should have reasonable charges for cases.
  • Dual Courts- Dubai has both local and federal courts and the Supreme Court is located at Abu Dhabi. The system has three stages, namely the court of first instance, court of appeal and finally, the court of cassation.
  • Legal Aspects- Laws in UAE are chiefly based on international and Sharia laws alike. This is a civil law based jurisdiction with reliance on Egyptian, French and Roman laws as well.
  • Compliance- You should have registration with the Department of Legal Affairs. DIFC based law firms should get commercial licenses and register with the Dubai Financial Services Authority. Foreign lawyers can practice but courts can only be attended by local lawyers. Registered lawyers can only appear in federal and litigation courts. Individual offices are required in every Emirate by lawyers for practicing in the UAE. Dubai has freedom of the Rulers court as well.
  • Arab Gulf Cooperation Council- Being a member lawyer of the Arab GCC countries may help you obtain your license for practicing in UAE and Dubai courts. Expat Arab lawyers may practice in federal courts but this is limited to only Emirate nationals.
  • License- There was a regulation passed in the year 2001, making it compulsory for lawyers to obtain licenses for offering services legally and for complying with strict norms issued by the Government.

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