You can open your travel agency which is basically the same thing as a tour operator business in Dubai, after checking out the structure of an LLC (limited liability company) or even a sole proprietorship. LLCs have to abide by stricter requirements while business owners in proprietorship’s will have to obtain registration as certified travel agents.

How to Open your Travel Agency in Dubai

You have to check out the tourism licenses that are available in a bid to choose the right one. These are the types of licenses which are available:

  • Travel company license
  • Inbound travel operator license
  • Travel agency license
  • Outbound travel operator license

Getting one of these licenses depends on the type of company that you want to register in Dubai. Investors should also know that for getting a travel license, 100,000 Dirhams should be deposited with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

Documents Needed for Start Tour Operator Business in Dubai

Documents for obtaining a Dubai travel agent license include the following:

  • Application Form
  • Copies of passports of manager and applicants
  • Family record Khulasat Al Qid and copy of identification documents for nationals of the UAE
  • Notarized copy of certificate of experience of the manager
  • No objection letter issued by the Civil Aviation Authority
  • Manager and owner’s certificates of good conduct

Requirements for Opening your Travel Agency

Managers of travel agencies should have at least 3 years of professional experience and should have a certificate or university diploma in travel and tourism. He/she should have 5 years of experience if he/she has only a high school diploma. For getting the travel license, here are the key steps to be followed:

  • Payment of initial fee for approval
  • Requesting approval of trade name of agency
  • Supply of an insurance policy
  • Furnishing lease contract and location blueprint where the agency will function

The contract should be signed for a minimum period of 3 months with at least 30 meters of office space allocated for every activity.

Getting Outbound/Inbound Travel Agency License

Outbound and inbound licenses are vital for travel agencies, enabling them to offer vacation packages within or outside the UAE alike.

Here are the requirements:

  • Application form from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
  • Feasibility report on project to be executed or if a new facility has to be developed
  • Copy of passport should be submitted if the owner is a foreign national
  • Certificate which is proof of qualification for the manager of the travel agency
  • Certificate which is proof of the business owner’s good conduct

While the application for travel agency licenses should be made to the Department for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the license should be garnered from the DED (Department of Economic Development). The latter kind of license enables organization of trade shows, fairs, conventions and other events as well.

Duties of the Travel Agent

  • Sale of flight tickets
  • Support in getting travel visas
  • Getting accommodation for tourists
  • Ensuring suitable transportation facilities and guided tours

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