The UAE (United Arab Emirates) has transformed into a highly viable and profitable business environment for companies. There is ample ease of establishing companies in the region along with high transparency in all activities.

There is naturally fast growing demand for accounting and bookkeeping firms in Dubai since these are necessary activities for almost all businesses. If you’re seeking auditing and accounting services along with company incorporation, VAT registration, return filing and a whole host of other services, GCC Filings is your best bet by all means in Dubai.

Establishing Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms in Dubai

Accounting and bookkeeping firms and consultancies are highly in demand across the UAE and the introduction of the VAT regime has naturally raised demand throughout the Emirate of Dubai for these companies. Here are the requirements for setting up these firms that you should know more about:

  1. Accounting Degree- Consultants will naturally be offering services for businesses as opposed to private individuals. As entrepreneurs and professionals, you should naturally have accounting degrees or degrees in related areas for setting up your business in Dubai. You should also have a valid certificate proving you as a qualified accountant. Prior to opening your accounting and bookkeeping firm in Dubai, you should also verify the legal validity of your degree. You may also take local examinations for scaling up chances of approval.
  2. Professional License- For starting your business in Dubai, you will require a specific license, i.e. a professional license which should be valid and issued by the DED (Department of Economic Development) in the Emirate.
  3. Office Space- When you are setting up your company in the UAE, it is compulsory to possess office space. If you have office space in a thriving business or commercial district, it naturally helps you garner a higher number of clients accordingly. Physical working spaces also help in enhancing operations and boost confidence among-st clients.

Process for Starting your Company in Dubai

Here are some of the key steps for starting your accounting and bookkeeping firm in Dubai:

  • The first step is registration of the trade name for the company. This can be a name of your choice although it has to be valid under the regulations of the Government of Dubai.
  • You should then choose your company structure, i.e. LLC, Joint Stock Company, sole proprietorship and so on.
  • You should then get the initial approval from the DED and this should state that the DED does not have any issues with the starting of your business so long as you follow all the necessary rules and regulations.
  • You should then get your business registered through submission of all documents which include the initial approval.
  • You will then have to rent your office space for the business as made compulsory by authorities.
  • You will have to then get your Professional License from the specific authority in question.

After obtaining this license, you can legally commence operations for your accounting and bookkeeping firm in Dubai.

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