Dubai has been predominantly involved in swift technology adoption and IT-linked investments. Real-world implementation and research pertaining to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics is gaining ground swiftly in the Emirate. Multiple new startups in the city are coming up with applications for leveraging vast business opportunities that exist in sectors like blockchain, telemedicine, machine learning and mobile-based consulting.

Dubai remains committed towards developing innovative systems spanning fin-tech, healthcare, food security, education, robotics and artificial intelligence en route towards accomplishing its vision of becoming a Smart City.

Top Opportunities Across Sectors

  • Healthcare- UAE’s healthcare sector is being transformed rapidly through cloud based technologies and augmented reality, enabling greater cost-effectiveness towards accessing services of leading healthcare professionals worldwide and also high-quality patient care delivery online. This also lowers time taken for treatment consultation along with travel expenditure. AR software and live streaming enables carrying out even complex surgeries and diagnosis via consulting.
  • Smart Health Devices- These are devices which collect data of patients for provision of proactive healthcare. Connected wearables are expected to blossom into a market with more than 1.1 billion units by the year 2022.
  • Fin-Tech- Fin-tech is a mature industry in Dubai with several applications covered under it such as stock trading, investments, asset management and Forex. There are mobile apps tracking transactions, cutting-edge biometrics, digital wallets, authentication, online account opening and banking and more. The MENA region is expected to witness 1,845 Fin-Tech players by 2020 itself.
  • Education- Digital and online classrooms, digital screens, e-books and other technological practices are transforming the educational sector in the UAE. Smart devices and interactive content creation are also part of the pie.
  • Agri-Tech- UAE is adopting contemporary technologies for agriculture and utilization of natural resources (renewable) for producing food.
  • AI- Artificial Intelligence is being adopted widely throughout the UAE including applications like instant processing of visas by the Dubai Government in partnership with the Dubai Health Authority (30 minute medical fitness clearances through AI and robots), cases and disputes in DIFC courts (also using other technologies like machine learning and blockchain) and protection of intellectual property rights of research firms and entrepreneurs. Other applications include formation of a blockchain consortium for banks in the UAE for speeding up KYC (know your customer) data sharing, account opening and document transfer.
  • Robotics- RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is gaining ground in Dubai and other parts of the UAE with applications including complex cardiac surgeries (as used by the Ministry of Health and Prevention), Robotic Pharmacy (covers 12 prescriptions and store up to 35,000 medicines in less than 1 minute), Robocop by Dubai Police for public greetings and assistance, Robo Lifeguards on beaches, updating information, renewing documents and more. The RTA has implemented an automated maker for license plates that can print 33,000 plates per day without any intervention by humans. Robots are deployed for cleaning Metro stations in Dubai and this ensures lower water consumption and better sterilization.

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