One of the most important steps which company owners should take into account is registering a trademark for their brand of products and services. It not only distinguishes your company but also makes it unique and identifiable among various other companies. Just like registering your company as a legal business setup is necessary, the same is the scenario for registering a trademark.

Trademarks can be in any form, such as a logo, word, symbol, picture, slogan and so on. Most of you must have noticed that many packaged goods like biscuits or chips have letters like “TM” printed beside their names. That is the trademark of the company selling their products and distinguishing it from various other similar brands.

Note that the trademark for each company is different from one another. No two brands can establish the same trademark for their brands. If any company is found violating these rules or copying the trademark of other companies, their trademark will not be registered and counted as their own.

Process for Registering a Trademark for your Company

The official process to register a trademark for your company is carried out in three steps. It is essentially a reasonably priced procedure which is a bit time-consuming as it may take from 18 to 24 months to sanction your trademark officially. Let us take a brief insight into the procedure for carrying out this registration process.

  • The Quest: This is the time taken to search the web to check whether your proposed business setup like the name, brand, logo or slogan is not pre-established by any other company or brand. You can contact the trademark agent or the Attorney concerned to carry out this procedure for you to check your business trademark both online and offline.
  • An agent might charge you a fee for doing the work as well. After getting a confirmation on the point that the trademark proposed by you has not been taken by any other company, you can easily proceed to the next vital step in the registration of your company’s trademark.
  • The Creation: Once you get the confirmation on the uniqueness of your business logo or name, you can go ahead to create a trademark application by the conduct of the agent or the attorney. Once the trademark application is successfully registered you can start giving your brand the “TM” tag at the side of the name of every product or service you offer.
  • The Registration: After filling in the application, your request for the registration process is cross-examined by the Trademarks Office. If all your details and information fall into place then your request can be easily granted without any objection.
  • Trades Marks Journal then features an advertisement of your brand along with the proposed trademark which is then stored as legal proof of your certified and registered trademark. However, there is a grace period for about six months within which if there is no other company claiming any objection, then finally you can own your trademark.

Documents Required for Registration of a Trademark

For filing an application for registration of a trademark for your company, you would require the following details and documents:

  • An Authorization Letter by the applicant
  • Name of the Applicant with valid identity proof
  • Type of Business
  • The objective of the Business setup
  • Name of the company to be registered along with the brand or the logo.
  • A valid address of the establishment.

Thus, if you follow the above-listed procedures and demands of the registration process, you can easily bring your trademark into action and make it functional in the market. This would give your company an identity and a quality to stand out among various other similar brands, thus distinguishing your products and services from others in the market. You should reach out to GCC Filings for help with trademarks, registration, Business incorporation and a whole host of other services.

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