How to Apply for VAT Reconsideration in UAE

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is the regulatory body for the UAE. It does regulate VAT laws and is responsible for federal tax collection and imposition of fines in case of non-compliance. If you’re a business person, it is always […]

Income Tax Filing for Salaried Citizens in UAE

Dubai has a taxation system that is hugely favorable for its residents. Yet, if you have shifted to Dubai with a new job and are wondering about income tax filing for salaried professionals, you need to consult a firm like […]

How to Register for VAT in Bahrain?

Bahrain introduced VAT from the 1st of January, 2019, onwards. A welcome move for business development in Bahrain, VAT is an indirect tax charged on selected goods or services that are bought and sold by businesses. The GCC countries unanimously […]

Simple Tax Guide for Americans in the UAE

Tax Made Simple for Americans in the UAE With approximately 8 million Expats in the UAE, it is important that they understand the nuances of Taxes applicable to them. Even though the UAE is considered as a country having low […]

VAT and Imported Goods in the UAE

Goods received from outside countries to the UAE are called Imported Goods in the UAE. The next logical question asked is whether imports are taxable in the UAE? Well, Goods or Services that are termed as imports to the UAE […]

UAE VAT Refund for Foreign Businesses

Although the percentage of VAT charges implemented on the state is 5% only, yet the United Arab Emirates have laid down conditions based on which many foreign nationals can be eligible to claim for a refund of the VATs paid […]

Tax in UAE for Foreigners

However, the UAE simply having the low taxes, the expatriate foreigners are still subject to United States expat taxes in spite of where they actually live so it decreases slightly in UAE. Well, there are a few things that you […]


Virtual Commercial City or VCC in UAE helps entrepreneurs along with freelancers to initiate virtual companies in Dubai. Through VCC it is possible even if the person is not a resident of UAE. Without being a permanent native of Dubai, […]