Virtual Commercial City or VCC in UAE helps entrepreneurs along with freelancers to initiate virtual companies in Dubai. Through VCC it is possible even if the person is not a resident of UAE. Without being a permanent native of Dubai, it is possible to start a business venture. The person needs to have a company license.

Who is eligible to get a virtual company license?

All investors and business people are eligible to get the virtual company license and for this, they have to go through the VCC portal.

Eligibility for an individual to get license 

  • Not a permanent resident of UAE
  • Should be a tax resident of any of the approved countries
  • Business activities should be done in the mentioned sectors involved in technology, industries and service.
  • The company should be subjected to corporate, social taxation and individual income of UAE based on the location of the activities along with tax agreements
  • The company need to operate in transparent way like showing public registration in name of owners and it should be shared with the tax authorities involved as requested
  • The applicants of the company need to go through proper background checked by the government authorities before considered qualified to get the license
  •  If the company gets form of sole proprietorship, it cannot opt for lower ownership, auditor, director or any type of qualified business in Dubai

However, when a company is registered with Dubai Economy, it can get the license and access to the online marketplace of the country.

Benefits of VCC license

With help of the license, it becomes easy for the businessperson and other freelancer to avail some provision in Dubai. Some of the benefits are given in the following part.

  • Online access to company
  • Access to different business benefits in UAE
  • Low cost of burden and administrative problems when starting or expanding a company
  • Easily get in touch with customers, better investment opportunities and markets
  • Ability to take part in the directory of virtual company

What are the steps to apply for the license?

Different businesspersons and investors in UAE can apply for the Virtual Company License via the official portal of Other than this, one can also try through the offices of VFS Global present in 11 locations.

Follow the simple steps to apply for license

  1. First, one has to fill up the online registration form
  2. For the background check of the applicant, it will take 1 to 30 days’ time
  3. Now, it is time for identification and appropriate validation visit
  4. After this, payment needs to be done to get the virtual company license

How much does the license cost?

After identification and suitable validation at VFS Global, the applicant will get email that suggests him or her to pay for the licensed they have opted for. However, one has to pay the fee depending on license validity that the applicant has chosen in the application form. The payment gateway for the license is through ePay which is regulated by UAE’s government.

Which service providers are allowed as virtual companies?

Services related to printing and advertising can opt for virtual business licenses including others given below

  1. Color separation service
  2. Design and artwork service
  3. Typesetting service
  4. Books binding
  5. Greeting cards production and distribution service
  6. Promotional gift creation

GCC Filings will help you with all necessary information in this regard. The company also helps with VAT registration and company incorporation among other services.

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