Dubai is a thriving city and people all over the over world come to visit the city. This is the reason for there being numerous cafes and restaurants. The place is always filled with tourists and due to this, numerous people want to open cafes in the city. It is needless to say that, the food and beverages industry is booming in Dubai. Although to open a café in Dubai, you need a license for which you have to get your business registered under the Department of Economic Development (DED). As per surveys, close to 500 outlets opened in Dubai for the year 2019 which goes to show that the market is indeed thriving here.

Steps to Get Cafeteria License in Dubai

While the coffee culture is a thriving business you need to try your hand at, you should know more about the steps to get your cafeteria license in Dubai. Here are the steps:

  • Get your food and trade license first; you should acquire this via the Food and Safety Department and the trade license can be obtained from the Department of Economic Development (DED) along with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. There are additional permits that you can apply for including the Ramadan permit, liquor permit, delivery permit, pork permit and so on.
  • You should also adhere to all requirements of the food and safety department along with obtaining approval for your specific construction plan. You should also check out the food consignment release license along with vehicle permit for transportation of food products along with the pork permit for serving and handling pork-based products.
  • You should then choose the most feasible location for starting your cafeteria in Dubai. Always choose a location which has higher footfalls and ample parking space. This should be ideally situated in close proximity to major commercial and residential areas.
  • You should then start negotiating for a more cost-effective occupancy and rent package with your landlord. The tenancy contract should be signed in order to get the license for the cafeteria.
  • Finding a local sponsor is the next step; you should have a UAE National who works as a non-active partner for your company. The agreement with the local partner has to be signed at the notary public court. Based on UAE Companies Law and also the Civil Law, the owner of an LLC company has to nominate the sponsor (local) with equity sharing of 51% as the minimum.
  • You should then submit all necessary documents required to the DED and then after all approvals are obtained, you should wait for receiving the license within a week’s time from the DED and Dubai Municipality.
  • Then, you have to apply for the NOC or No Objection Certificate for the food product establishment trade license from Dubai’s Food Safety Department.
  • Thereafter, you have to get your license registered with the Ministry of Labor and also the Immigration Department. This will help you apply for worker visas for running the cafeteria in question.

Key documents needed for the license

  • Site plan for the restaurant, encompassing restrooms, storage and food processing areas, equipment location, ventilation and windows, exit and entry passages and washing machine location among other aspects.
  • Initial DED approval.
  • Site layout.
  • Planning Department approval in case your café is situated outside any major shopping center.
  • Signed application for license (signed by legal representative or company manager).
  • MOA (Memorandum of Association).
  • Passport copy of management partners.
  • Attested company name approval letter from DED.

It is clear that asking the license for opening a cafeteria in Dubai is not a tough task. The city never fails to amaze people with its hospitality and running a cafeteria could be really lucrative here over the long haul. For help with all necessary documentation, company incorporation, local sponsors, agreements, VAT registration and other business activity in the UAE, you should reach out to GCC Filings.

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