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Accounting – Accounting Services in UAE

Accounting & Financial Reporting The chartered accountants offer multiple spectrum of the accounting services which are answers to financial requirements of business in worldwide market. A professional team of accounting and financial reporting provider would ensure that financial statements and everything else is complying! It also ensures that there’s total committed for keeping highest level of comprehensive and professional standards apart from high quality. The service should be engaged to provide the below-offered services! To know more, read on about the services! Financial accounting implementation system Setting up the accounting procedures Accounts updating Supervision of accounting records for finance Financial reporting, and so on. Corporate Finance With proper corporate finance team in the UAE, customers get proper finance as well as debt management services which happen to be essence of any business in this world of competitive trends. A proper team would understand the clients’ requirements such that providing such services for them becomes a piece of cake. The team will even arrange some Private Equity from Global and even Local Funds. The service also includes working from the startup companies to the late stage ones. The services are based on evaluating business models, stages of development, and capital structure. The team of corporate finance also deals with the corporate clients in order to offer them an insight solution for meeting the respective debt requirements. Valuation & Financial Restructuring The Valuation & Financial Restructuring services are important for today’s businesses! According to the UAE services provided, the best services compile…

Auditing – Tax Auditing Services in UAE

Due Diligence Audit If you want a complete picture of the company then due diligence will help you to get it. It is an audit the give a detailed investigation in the financial picture of the business.  This is done before purchasing things or merging with other business. It is essential to detect any hidden liabilities and based on this audit the owner of a business takes major decision. The audit is also done before hiring employees as well. It is also essential to sort out the information for releasing outside. In many cases a forensic accounting team works in the background to perform the audit. Internal Audit If you want to run your organization smoothly then internal audit is something you need to know about. The audit helps to deal with the internal risk management and it effective to process. In order to perform the audit you need to hire a professional with qualified skill who will follow the code of ethics. The internal audit will help to bolster the governance of the organization along with internal structure of the company. In this practice you will get to assess the internal risk and also get to find the strategy to avoid it. It will help you to establish a communication with internal people of the organization. Risk Management Risk management practice is essential for every business. It helps to identify, track and evaluate the risk. The main objective of risk management is to mitigate the effectiveness of risk that…

TAX – Tax Consulting, Filing and Returns in UAE

Tax Agent A tax agent or an enroll agent is a person who helps the tax payers to deal with the regular taxes. They perform several duties like, tax filing for tax return, handle all the payments on behalf of an individual, they also represent the tax payer in any tax matter. A tax agent is aware of the tax related laws and knows how to any issue related to tax. Apart from that a tax agent is someone who is approachable and available all the time so the respective individual does not have to face problem. Moreover a tax agent needs to have strong interpersonal skill to deal with issues. Tax Registration  It is a paramount task to register your business under tax practice. It is a voluntary that keep the business growing and burden free. It is considered as healthy perspective as it is a moral duty towards the country as well. It will help a country to increase its treasury. There is online as well as off line registration process. One will find the step by step registration process by visiting the government website for tax registration. In some cases the tax filing is mandatory as there are immovable things that require registration. Without tax registration you will not be able to get loan from any financial institution. International Taxation  In order to determine the tax you need to know about international tax practices. The tax is charged on an individual or on a business. The taxation…

VAT Registration: How to Apply for VAT in UAE

VAT In UAE VAT or Value added Tax is applied on the goods that are consumed by the people. VAT is an indirect tax that is levied in around 180 countries in the world and UAE is one of them. The end-customer has to pay the tax and the businesses collect it on the behalf of the respective government.In case of UAE, the Federal Tax Authority was established in 2016 that looks after the taxation process. The tax is collected to increase the revenue and that will help in the betterment of public services. The VAT in that case is charged in every step of the supply chain. VAT Compliance Requirement In order to do business you need to register your business under the respective government. When you register your business you need to provide taxable goods and services to the people. In order to supply the taxable as a business owner you need to follow certain things. In most cases the rules are set by the respective government of the country. There are different requirements for VAT compliance and they are given below. Invoice date Invoice number The details of the business including the VAT number Details of the customers Details of the supply Details of the applied VAT rate Details of the NET, VAT, and gross values VAT Implementation VAT or Value added Tax is implemented on the consumption of the goods or service. The VAT is implemented on the supply chain and not only that but also…

An end-to-end Solution for Businesses

Online accounting- Help us formulate accounting blueprints and generate higher ROI for your business. VAT Registration and Filing- VAT registration and filing can be seamlessly taken care of by our skilled team without any anxieties on your part. Account Receivable and Payable- Let our advanced technologies and skilled professionals take care of your accounts, freeing your time and saving long-term costs. Bank and Credit Card Transactions- We have the technology and competence needed to manage all credit card and banking transactions on your behalf. Payroll Management- Our suite of payroll management solutions and professionals get the job done in good time and minus any lags on your part. Business Analysis- We have a solid team of business analysts who will help you take smarter decisions going forward while always knowing where you stand.

Our Core Objectives

At GCC Filings, our core objectives are the very leitmotif of our operations, namely smooth and transparent end-to-end services for businesses. We manifest our expertise with an aim towards being the trusted, one-stop and reliable solution for businesses across sectors. Our aim is to help our clients boost compliance and regulatory administration while enabling them to scale up productivity in the bargain.

Our Mission

GCC Filings was established to help businesses function better and more transparently and this remains our mission. We wish to become the most trusted solutions provider for companies, providing services ranging from VAT registration and filing to book-keeping, payroll management, company incorporation and accounting to name just a few. We aim at freeing up our clients to focus on revenue, marketing, production and other key aspects without having to worry about administration, financials, taxation, compliance, VAT, registration and other complex aspects.

Our Vision

At GCC Filings, we are driven by a highly futuristic vision, one where technologies and specific skill-sets are deployed for simplifying accounting, finance, management, VAT, taxation, business analysis and other core aspects which many businesses often struggle with. To this end, we keep upgrading our skills and technical knowledge along with employing the best brains in the business with a view towards taking our organization to the next level in terms of customer service.

Customer Testimonials

Business consulting excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat consulting non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt laborum Market.

This company has delivered what I asked of them quite some time back with its advanced software solutions and skilled people. Now, when VAT registration…

GCC Filings took care of my needs efficiently and I’m very happy with the services rendered by them in a timely manner. My company accounting…

It was and is a continual pleasure working with GCC Filings since they have a really capable team that has managed to take over my…

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Business consulting excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat consulting non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt laborum Market.