From the initial stages of our education, we are taught that food, water and air are the basic necessity for a living being. Air and water are free of cost but the food is that necessity for which we have to earn. When considering the global economy, there could be a time where all business setups and firms could demolish or suffer setback but the food industry will always be in vogue.

Steps for Setup a Restaurant in UAE

UAE is one of the most stable economically advanced countries in the world that provides ample opportunities for business and trades. Setting up a restaurant is one of those money-making firms that will never perish but only grow to new heights with each passing day. The question on How to Setup a Restaurant in UAE can be easily answered in the following ways that are mentioned below:

  1. Follow the Food Code: Restaurant in Gulf Countries usually follow a food code which every restaurant owner or start-up must follow. This code will give your firm the safety regulation label which is necessary for the initial stages of the process on How to Setup a Restaurant in UAE. The food control department of the UAE is required to be addressed to seek the food code for your restaurant. A clean and hygienic environment is the basic demand for getting a food code.


  1. Apply for food licence: Just like running a professional business requires trade licence, owning a restaurant will require a food licence that will, in turn, ensure that your restaurant is a registered firm that offers good quality services and food. However, to obtain a food licence you have to meet the following demands of the Food Safety department of the UAE

– Details of the premises in which you are going to set up your restaurant. (Note that it should be in a clean and hygienic surrounding)

  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Economic Developmental Department of the UAE
  • If you are planning to open a restaurant in a mall then you will also have to provide a permit from the Planning Department
  • For opening a bar or beverage centre, you will also require a liquor licence
  • To sell pork items in the restaurant, you will require a specially issued certificate too.


  1. Location of the setup: For steady growth in your business setup, especially restaurants, you will have to select a favourable location that will lure customers into visiting your restaurant. The area should be clean and hygienic where you are planning to open the restaurant.


  1. Some necessities to look for: To attract buyers and customers, you have to set up a clean and hygienic ambience in the restaurant as well. The kitchen and the food preparation area should always be checked for hygienic measures. Toilets and storage areas must be allotted away from the kitchen. Make your interiors warm and cosy, so that the people visiting the restaurant are drawn with the interiors as well.


  1. Details list of Expenses: One of the most important points on How to Setup a Restaurant in UAE is the detailed framework of the costs involved to start and set a restaurant in the country. Starting from getting the food license, rent, permissions, staffs, recruitment, equipment, lease and capital, etc. there are ample segments which cost you a lump sum amount.


Thus, even though opening a restaurant could be costly and require a big investment plan, yet the cash flow it brings about is tremendous. At initial stages, it might feel heavy on the pocket but as your business grows, it is guaranteed that in an economically prosperous market of the UAE, you will benefit from it and gain double the investments you had made earlier.

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