Tracking the ROI of the portfolio

The investors entrust their funds in a portfolio expecting a good return.  Naturally, they do a lot of research such as track record of the portfolio, industry analysis and the EPS of the scrip which constitutes a reasonable percentage of the fund.

The fund managers at Auditing have extensive experience in handling different portfolios of mutual funds and equity per se.  Historically, the performance of their funds has yielded a consistent return of well over 25% every year employing sophisticated techniques of share price movements analysis based on many parameters.

We use our skills gained over a period of time to help your work to be smarter, quicker & focused.
The capital markets & investors use the information provided by us. We know our onus of responsibility!
Tax transparency & responsibility requires each of us to be accurate in the disclosure of statements.
We salute your spirit of enterprise! Our passion for supporting you propels us forward.

Workforce Group Dynamics

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We use your statements to analyze whether your organization’s long term investments on new plants, expansion of products, research and development besides investments in new machinery for modernizing the plant is possible from utilizing the funds from your capitalization structure.