Financial Tips for Entrepreneurs to Sustain their Start-up in UAE

Several start-ups face challenges and hurdles while sustaining their businesses in the UAE which include financial obstacles, security and of course, paying bills, rents, salaries and maintaining revenues/income likewise. There is always the anxiety pertaining to survival and relevance of […]

Ecommerce Business Opportunities & Support System in UAE

Ecommerce businesses have grown exponentially in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with soaring consumer demand throughout the country. There is naturally increasing demand for a robust support system including real estate space for setting up warehouses and other infrastructure. Demand […]

UAE Sets out COVID-19 VAT Input Tax Recovery Rules

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) has officially released its COVID-19 VAT input tax recovery regulations. This was officially released in the form of a statement by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) that clarified the recovery of VAT (value added tax) […]

Implementation of Company Due Diligence in 2020

Due diligence is often considered difficult or problematic by several companies without understanding that it is important to get it executed in smooth fashion. It basically refers to the process of holding investigations/audits for examining company activities before acquisition along […]

What is Economic Substance Regulations in UAE (ESR UAE)?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has officially implemented its concept of ESR (economic substance regulations) and hence, all businesses in the country which may come under the scope of the same, should make sure that they ensure total compliance with […]

Technology Adoption in Dubai

Dubai has been predominantly involved in swift technology adoption and IT-linked investments. Real-world implementation and research pertaining to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics is gaining ground swiftly in the Emirate. Multiple new startups in the city are coming […]

Reasons why your Tax Refund is Delayed

All businesses are mandated to file their VAT returns in UAE which provide all details regarding purchases, sales, output VAT and input VAT that has been paid in a particular timeframe. Output VAT in this case refers to the amount […]