Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) in the UAE

Recently ESR has been introduced in UAE and it applies to natural and legal persons that include all foundations, free zone and onshore companies, NGOs, branches and partnerships which process one or more relevant activities given below: Insurance companies; Banking […]

Freezing Business License in UAE

Many employees are working from home due to the prevailing outbreak of Corona Virus and it has also resulted in many companies ceasing their operations. The pandemic, though devastatingly outrageous for the world economy, is going to flatten and later […]

Business Packages for Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

There are business opportunities for women entrepreneurs in the UAE. Ras-Al-Khaimah is a region in the Emirates of the UAE which has initiated a prominent business hub for the women entrepreneurs in the UAE. Women entrepreneurs will get custom made […]

Blockchain Strategies in UAE

Blockchain is a real-time ledger for recording financial transactions whose history can be found out through the technology. The history of financial transactions come along with contracts, supply chain information and so on. The blockchain doesn’t belong to any person […]

Leading Industries in the UAE

The economy of the UAE is quite diversified in the GCC economy. It has always been leaning on oil and natural gas to sustain and boost its economy and the country is still known all over as an oil-rich region. […]

Incorporation of VAT in the GCC

The Gulf Countries is now introduced to a new kind of Tax Reform since 2018. The GCC group has worked jointly on various public policies for the betterment of the nations and now they have designed a collaborative VAT agreement […]