UAE Excise Tax List

In 2017, the excise tax was introduced in UAE. It is a kind of indirect tax that is levied on goods specifically harmful to human and environment health. Such goods are called excise goods. To determine what falls under excise […]

How UAE Nationals Can Get Back the Tax Paid

refund schemes in the UAE, there are schemes in which unregistered persons too can get the refund. This refund scheme is for those UAE nationals who are building new residences for themselves and there is a procedure to follow for […]

VAT Voluntary Disclosure UAE

A VAT form 211 is a Voluntary Disclosure form that is provided by the FTA to taxpayers to notify the Federal Tax Authority about any kind of error or omission in the last Tax assessment, return or refund. However, the […]

VAT Transaction Advisory Services in UAE

With the beginning of VAT in the UAE, meeting VAT commitment has been and persists to be an enduring test for businesses with current modification in the resulting tax regime. With time, VAT legislation will possibly to undergo regular changes, […]

IFRS Advisory Services Revised in UAE

Ever since 2003, when the publishing of IFRS financial statements for companies that are listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) became mandatory, the need for IFRS Advisory service to handle report publication gained recognition.   As per the […]

UAE Federal Law on Foreign Direct Investment

The UAE issued a Federal Decree-Law on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in September 2018. The law came into force in October 2018. The law has brought in a legal framework and a roadmap for enabling 100% foreign ownership of Limited […]

How Can you Assure Transactional VAT in your IT System?

The assurance of Transactional VAT in the IT system has become important nowadays. The finance must set up pertinent tax cyphers & reporting improvements in the IT structure. By training AR& AP teams and formulating governance processes in managing operational […]

5 Proven Cost Management Strategies for Business

Cconceivable business expenditure needs proper outlining and action for meeting its objectives. Sometimes it is essential to think of plural alleviation steps that help in solving problems without harming the causes. There may be many but there are 5 strategies […]

Voluntary Disclosure Vs Reconsideration Form

Voluntary disclosure primarily deals with positions where the Taxpayer unknowingly does a mistake on their VAT return. It is carried out by many companies but the intensity and character changes from place to place depending upon the geographical conditions, economic […]