Tax Agents in the UAE provide seamless VAT Assistance. If you are doing business in the UAE, you need to receive proper guidelines regarding VAT-related and other taxation matters. You should know that a tax agent in the UAE is an approved person who has got himself registered. They are responsible for giving proper guidance related to taxation and VAT filing matters to their clients and to make proper interpretations of the laws. They support you in the area of VAT compliance. A tax agent is the one who represents you to face Federal Tax Authority concerning tax procedures and assessments.

A tax agency is a legal entity which has the license to operate as a tax agent. It has been registered with the FTA and that is a minimum requirement for it to work as a tax agent in the UAE. A registered tax agency can operate in the UAE and he can help a business person in tax-related matters and to ensure compliance and to follow VAT regulations. Generally, a tax agency is approved by the FTA under the auspices of Emirates International Chartered Accountants Company.

Responsibilities of a Tax Agent in the UAE

If you have a tax agent in the UAE, he will be responsible for assisting you in fulfilling your tax-related obligations. He will help you with providing advice and also the interpretation of the VAT Laws. In this way, it will ensure your compliance with VAT procedures.

Tax agents play a crucial role during tax audit conducted by the Federal Taxation Agency or FTA. These tax agents are authorized to represent the client before the FTA. The tax agent shall furnish information and requisite records before the authority on behalf of a taxable person. If you are a taxable person in the UAE, your tax agent will be representing you in these matters. It is advisable to hire a tax agent in the UAE because they can communicate with personnel of FTA. They are authorized to represent you, if you are a taxable person, whenever there are enquiries made by the authorities related to taxation. All businesses in the UAE face a host of challenges on the correct treatment of tax and the procedures attached to it. You, as a business person, can overcome these challenges provided you’ve hired a tax agent to work on your behalf. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to sort out matters with the authorities who may become quite tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, the Arabic language might prove to be a challenge. A tax agent, whom you’ve hired, can proceed with the communication with the authorities. In this way, the VAT process will be smoothened out and you’ll be spared the pains of handling them.

VAT Return filing in the UAE has to be done in different periods. There are many tax issues which might require the hiring of a professional tax agent so that you can carry on hassle-free. There are chances of committing errors and omissions during the filing of returns. These can be prevented or addressed by a tax agent. These agents ensure that you avoid fines and penalties.

About GCC Filing

GCC Filing provides VAT return filing assistance to its clients. They also help you with new company incorporation in the UAE. They are also responsible for tax auditing services in the UAE.