Dubai is a place that welcomes all types of big and small brands. Along with that the country also entertains all the foreign multinational companies when it comes to business. They also offer the startup companies equal chance to get space to thrive. In order to provide all the facilities, the government has implemented business-friendly policies and tax-free jurisdiction. When it comes to an advertising agency, they help the companies to find a way to business in the competitive market. Therefore, if you are planning to open an advertisement agency it will be a lucrative thing.

Service of ad agency

The ad agency helps to promote the business. Advertisements is a perfect combination of words and picture sometimes videos. Through advertisements people get to know about a brand and their service. The ad agencies in Dubai offers different types of ad like print ad, TV ad, billboards, radio ad, social media ad, etc.

Criteria of an ad agency in Dubai

In Dubai the ad agencies needs to follow some specific rules to run the business. The rules are imposed by KHDA and they are stated below

  • While crating ad the agency must respect the religious beliefs
  • The agency cannot breach people‚Äôs privacy
  • The agency need to maintain a non-offensive communication with the public
  • The ad always work on behalf of the client and the name will go in the name of the parent company
  • The ad agency should provide a holistic environment
  • Conveying accurate information while making ad

Types of Advertisement

In Dubai, there are mainly three types of advertisements are available- commercial ad, industrial ad, and professional advertisement.

Steps to Get Advertising License in Dubai

  • In order to get license, the ad agency needs to submit all the relevant documents to the Department of Economic Development. The certificate for initial approval is essential to start the ad agency. You need to submit passport copy pictures, and other important documents.
  • In order to apply for the license, the ad agency needs to submit TNC or the Trade Name Certificate. The step is one of the important steps in Dubai.
  • After the IAC and TNC are submitted they will be verified by the Department of Economic Development. Once the verification is done, the requirement of an office like the name contract will be given. The license for 200 sq ft. will be given but the activity will also influence the license. If the activity is bigger the license for 500 sq ft will be given.
  • The last step of application is the memorandum of signature to the authority for earning a license in Dubai. The memorandum is submitted to the court.

Criteria for Get a Advertisement Agency License

In order to earn a license for establishing an advertisement agency you need to fulfill some requirements. And the requirements are given below.

  • The agency needs to have 100% foreign ownership to apply for license.
  • The agency needs to show a full repatriation profits along with the capital
  • In order get license the agency needs to form a good environment for the employees
  • You need to serve the government services
  • There will be no personal tax and import duty
  • There will no corporate tax for next 50 years for the company
  • The agency needs to have a good communication with the media

If you follow all the above-mentioned things then you will be able to get an appropriate jurisdiction to open an advertisement agency. The Dubai media city is a free zone and you will get lucrative opportunities. GCC Filings will help you set up your company in Dubai along with guiding you through procedures like licensing, registration, VAT registration and more.