One of the most substantial emirates in the United Arab is the emirate of Abu Dhabi that as well houses the nation’s Capital. The highly organized city is one of the hyped and crowded cities after Dubai. In the recent years, the government has taken decisions to move its focus from the revenue that is taken from gas and oil sector and look for new tactics of earning revenues. This indicates that there exists quite some potential for setting the growth of a particular start business in Abu Dhabi.

A large percentage of people are choosing it as their business hubs ad there are many reasons behind it. It is not only a place for job migrators to visit but also rapidly becoming a popular business hub. If you are looking forward to an entrepreneurial future in Abu Dhabi, consider yourself in the right place. Here, you will know about the ins and outs of the different categories of trade licenses that are region specific.

  1. Commercial license

This is one of the most common and popular license that is often obtained by business launchers in Abu Dhabi. It is needed if your organizations are partaking in activities such as, contracts, real estate, specific or regular trading functionalities, transporting goods and services or healthcare. The governmental authority of the particular region will be required to contract to attain this license.

  1. Agricultural license

This is the second common license that falls in the list. Agricultural businesses are popular in Abu Dhabi and are only rising in numbers. However, you will only need this license if you are the owner of fisheries, farm or agricultural land in the region.

  1. Industrial License

With the rise in the lenient and understanding and manufacturing government, setting up an organization in the particular region is one of the best business decisions an entrepreneur can make. You will need an Industrial license in case you have plans to land a factory in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Craft License

Craft license is often linked with skill based manual labors. This is basically meant for the people who utilize people.The particular type license is usually required for organizations that this license is offered include occupations like carpenter, blacksmith, printer, etc. However, when you avail this particular type of license, you are ought to seek a local sponsor. This criterion is mandatory for all individuals who go for craft license. But there will be no equivalent participation or liability for the sponsor in your business.

  1. Professional License

This is the kind of license that is required when someone wants to start a business with the help of their intellectual abilities. This particular license is generally needed by health professionals, accountants, lawyers, engineers, and more. The people who already possess a nationality of the particular region can have a license, however they have to adhere with the norms and regulations of the Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi.

  1. Tourism License

A tourism license is mandatory to get when your business in a how related tourism and travel. It is often attained by business people to not only ease the method of setting up an organization but in boosts the travel business legitimacy. This license can be taken from the Department of Culture and Tourism as this particular unit is well integrated with the Department of Economic Development.

So, they were the six categories of licenses that shall make business in Abu Dhabi quite easy for you. In case of any help you can consult GCC Filings. The company assists with company incorporation, business licenses, VAT registration, VAT return filling and auditing along with other essential services.