DSFZ, or Dubai South Free Zone, as you can guess by the name, lies to the south of the city and is located close to Al Maktoum International Airport. It is one of the most prosperous regions among the free zones in Dubai. This zone expands over hundred and forty kilometres of land, which also means that it is the largest of such zones in the city.

Moreover, Jebel Ali Sea Port is located really close to the South Zone, which means the type of business one can start within this zone also expands to aviation and logistics. Thus, in terms of placing Dubai at the center of world business, the South Free Zone has a big role to play.

The South Zone, otherwise known as Dubai World Central, has gained a position of respect at the World Stage. In fact, its closeness to the airport has made it one of the important aviation and trade centers of the world.

DSFZ is practically thriving, and its localisation advantage keeps it ahead of the other free zones in the city. Thus, it is one of the finest places to start a business and gain the benefits.

Steps to Obtain a license in the South Free Zone

Given below are the steps to get your business license in the South Free Zone.

  1. Submitting the application with important legal documents

Before starting your business in this Zone, you will need to submit the application form after duly filling it. You can either submit the application form online or send it by post to the regulatory authority of the Free Zone. Send in the documents specified by the authority along with this application form.

  1. Selection and reservation of trade name

You need to select the name of your business rather carefully because that is going to be the identity of your venture. So, make sure that you consider all the factors when selecting the name of your business.

You can just keep one rule in mind when selecting a business name: just make sure the name has a connection with the business activity. Besides, the name should have no resemblance with any of the business names that already exist.

  1. Gaining the necessary approvals

For obtaining the business license, you will need an NOC (No-Objection Certificate) for certain business ventures that might need added approvals from the auxiliary authorities. You can check the official sites to know more about such business ventures that need no objection certification.

  1. Registering your business venture

You can register the business setup on the government portal online after your application gets approved. You will get an invoice stating the fees that you will have to pay to get the license in the South Free Zone of Dubai, along with the necessary papers. Pay the specified amount and your license will be ready for you to collect. The fees to obtain your license in the Free Zone of Dubai ranges from three thousand to seven thousand AED.

Obtaining your business license for operating in the South Free Zone of Dubai is not too difficult if you have the right documents and you follow the proper steps. Hopefully, you will gain some direction in that matter by going through the details stated above. For further help in the matter, get in touch with GCC Filings, and the experienced professionals of the company will assist you at every step along the way to help you obtain your business license in the Free Zones.