Dubai can be considered as one of the most busy travel places as it comes to travel and tourist. A substantial amount of tourists visits the nation every year and the tourism industry of Dubai earns a hefty percentage of the nation’s GDP.  The number of international visitors has boosted to near about 15.92 million as per the records. In fact Dubai is called the globe’s 7th most toured city. It is expected to draw near about twenty-five million tourists when it comes to the Expo in the year 2020 that is coming up.

Why go for Limousine Service in Dubai?

Dubai is known for attaining tourists and travelers from across the globe. The percentage of the visitors is booming each year. This is even more relevant when it comes to the Dubai Expo in 2020 as already mentioned once above. Tourist often needs to go places in Dubai with the help of steady transportation. The city is widely connected and substantial. Limousine servicing is one of the most prominent and convenient services that tourists often avail during their tours. To start a service, you will need a limousine license. A license shall bring you a legislative permit to set up the tours for traveling. It shall offer transport for the people or the rent for several occasions. In case you are looking forward to setting up a business in Dubai, limousine servicing would certainly not be a bad idea to invest in. in fact this can lead to great profit.

Process of Attaining Limousine License based in Dubai

Dubai is very strict when it comes to laws and rules. So, if you are looking to start a limousine business, you need to have drivers with legal driving licenses, who have passed the eye test, theory test, and road test. Here is a guide as to how you can get a limousine license in Dubai.

Well, before everything, you will need to keep in mind that the regulations and rules are quite strict when it comes to Dubai. In case you are looking forward to begin a business on Limousine services, you are ought to get drivers with legal license for driving who has come across certain criterion’s such as theory testing, eye testing, road testing and many more. Here are some of the short and pragmatic steps that will help you attain a limousine license in Dubai.

# Have all the documents

The documents that you will need to obtain include the NOC that is the no objection certificate, eight passport sized photos and your passport above all with a residential proof. The validity has to be of six months.

# qualify eye test

One would not be accredited with a license if they do not 6 qualify for the vision test. An approval from an external optician is required.

# submit documents              

After that you will need to submit the necessary documents in the department of RTA. If you have made your application via a driving school, you can collect your application from there.

# Get temporary license

The RTA shall issue the temporary license for you once the documents have been accredited for you. You will need to take the temporary license with you during the tenure.

# Application for theoryand road test

The theory test needed to be qualified the fee for which is AED 200. The test is conducted in association with five authorized driving centers. It will consist of 35 questions in total. Temporary License, ID Proof and two photographs are to be carried with you during this test. Then you will need to submit an application for the road test.The fee for this is the same. You will need the current passport; two passports sized photographs and require filling a form.

# Get your certificate of approval

This is the finalstep. For this you will need to submit a valid identification proof with a fee of AED 100. It shall take only fifteen minutes to attain your driving license after the processing of the documents.

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