Dubai is one of the busiest cities in not just the UAE, but also in the world. With the rising work pressure on the professionals, they naturally do not have enough time to spend at home with the kids. Thus, parents often prefer enrolling kids in a nursery to keep the children busy and make sure they are taken care of while the parents are away. This makes nursery one of the most booming businesses in Dubai, and the demand for getting a nursery license is pretty high in the region.

However, do not let that give you the impression that it is easy to get the license to open a nursery in Dubai. It is a lengthy procedure consisting of several steps, and you need several signs of approval from the UAE government to finally obtain the license. The important steps of the process have been highlighted in here to help you out.

Steps to Start a Nursery Business in Dubai

  1. Getting approved by the Ministry of Education in UAE

The owner of the nursery has to be approved by Ministry of Education in UAE, and for that he has to:

  • Get the application form that incorporates the details of the project, along with the personal information of the owner. Complete the form and submit it.
  • Attend a meeting with the representative sent by the Ministry of Education
  • Submit a photocopy of the academic plan to be the Ministry
  • Make necessary changes to the academic plan to be approved by the Ministry
  • Secure the approval about the nursery building after maintaining and fulfilling all the safety instructions
  1. Getting approved by the Municipality and Civil Defense

After the owner completes step one, he will have to move on to the next phase and follow the given steps:

  • Submission of the necessary documents to the Civil Defense and the Municipality
  • The Ministry of Education will send a representative to visit the nursery site and declare the final approval related to building safety
  • Submission of a separate application stating the details of the prospective manager of the nursery
  • After the applications are filed, the owner will need to get the Ministry’s endorsement about the interview of the manager

The location of the nursery cannot be a labor housing or an industrial area.

  1. Obtaining the license from the DED (Department of Economic Development)

The final phase of getting the license is here, and just a few steps have to be completed:

  • Apply and get the license from the Economic Development Department
  • Apply to get the work permission for yourself
  • Including all the information in the system about the staff working in the nursery
  • Seeking approvals for the advertisements

Reaching the final stage of the establishing a nursery involves getting multiple approvals along the way. Besides, you will also need to get the following documents in order to obtain your license:

Important Documents Needed to Get Nursery License in Dubai

  • Photocopy of the passport
  • Jinsiya or the photocopy of the family book
  • Owner’s education certificate
  • Clearance certificate from the police
  • An undertaking letter that mentions only a UAE nation will be appointed as a manager
  • Address of the site proposed for the building
  • Nursery License Application signed by the owner
  • Introductory statement/acquaintance document (if applicable)

Hopefully, this answers your doubts and queries regarding obtaining a nursery license in Dubai. For further information and detailed insights in the matter you can contact the experts of GCC Filings. The company has been in the business of listing companies, obtaining licenses, filing VAT returns, auditing, and more, and the experts can guide you effectively in this matter.